Hey, nobody's perfect! 

What do I need to bring to a lesson? 

Drums, Keys, Mics, and Amps are provided at the Groove Shack. Students only need to bring their guitars, sticks, and instrument cables. 

How often do we meet? 

Group band rehearsals and beginner group lessons meet once a week and are 1 hour in length.  

How are bands selected? 

Students are grouped by several factors including: ability level, age, musical genre preferences, and availability. 

What are the group band rehearsals like?

Groove Shack group music lessons are fun, exciting, and engaging from start to finish. Your instructor will set performance goals, help in selecting songs to cover, and ensure that rehearsals run smoothly. 

What if I'm only a beginner? 

No sweat! We offer both group beginner classes and private lessons as well, you'll learn more about your instrument with the help of your instructor and other students. Everyone starts somewhere, and with a few months of beginner classes you'll be on your way to being placed in a band in no time! 

What are the Groove Shack Concert Series Like? 

The quarterly concerts are the absolute best part about taking lessons at the Groove Shack! 

Every semester you'll get to show your friends and family what you and your band have been practicing on a REAL Stage at a REAL local music venue. It's a long way to the top if you want to Rock n' Roll, but with the help of the staff at the Groove Shack, that journey won't be nearly as long or difficult! 

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